About Us

Founded in 2013 by Shane Ratliff and Zachary Franks, CAI, Estate Auction Group, LLC is a diversified marketing firm incorporating live and online-auction platforms for the sale of real estate, personal property, and virtually every asset class that allows transfer of ownership. In addition, our company offers a fundraising/benefit solutions division that services an array of non-profit and privately funded organizations throughout the city of Chicago and Northwest Indiana. 

Estate Auction Group, LLC has developed a strategic partnership with MarkNet Alliance allowing us to offer industry-leading marketing and auction platforms that enable us to seamlessly conduct business around the globe. This partnership also gives our firm access to buyers around the globe that we can target when marketing your asset, which lets our clients rest assured that they are receiving the exposure only a multi-national corporation can provide.

Our company objectives are centered on being an industry leader in marketing, which we believe is the key to attaining substantial clients and allowing us to grow our “buyer base”. While the auction itself is unmistakably our core business, we are incorporating the auction method of marketing proven to be not only the most flexible but also the most efficient sales strategy offered. Along with being an industry leader in marketing strategy, being a leader in auction technology is of equal if not greater importance. Among the most important sales principles a company must understand and respond to are the evolving needs of our seller as well as the evolution of consumer buying practices. Technology will continue to play a major role in all things sold in that it is consumer-driven by nature.

Estate Auction Group’s philosophy is one allowed for us by the pure convenience of our industry when applied properly. The auction method speaks for itself, and if done properly will sell itself to potential clients looking to achieve that higher return, specialized marketing, transparent marketplace, and inherent efficiency. What differentiates our company is our education and commitment to technology while staying one step ahead of evolving economic landscapes. The auction professional has become antiquated when courting potential clients; it is the ability of the underlying company that will let us redefine the way “auction” is thought of.

In our current economic cycle, our firm understands the significance of an efficient and transparent marketing process that will allow for the disposition of a wide range of assets. The accelerated marketing that is a by-product of the auction method allows for greater exposure, scalability, and the most efficient sales model to date. Do not attempt to market your assets without first contacting Estate Auction Group for a free consultation!